WWE likely to bring back former World Heavyweight Champion to fill the void left by Edge, according to veteran

WCW veteran Disco Inferno thinks WWE could bring back former World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk to fill the void left by Adam Copeland (fka Edge).

The Straight Edge Superstar’s wrestling future has been up in the air since his AEW release last month. However, recent reports have given some fans a glimmer of hope that Punk could be on his way back to the Stamford-based promotion.

The 44-year-old star has been heavily linked with a Survivor Series return, which will take place on November 25 from his hometown of Chicago.

Speaking on the Keepin’ It 100 podcast, Disco Inferno stated that WWE could bring CM Punk back to fill Edge’s shoes:

“You kind of just lost the guy that had the spot that he’s probably going to take – Edge. The older guy is in his 40s, you know, his best days are behind him, but the guy still has tremendous value…He does have value, and he does improve the quality of the show. He’s a great promo and he’s a draw, and WrestleMania now is coming around. You just lost one of your like traditional drawing guys like Edge. He’s not on the card anymore. We gotta fill that void. So like, I’m thinking, I would think that’s the thought process that went into this if he comes back,” Inferno said. (6:45 – 8:22)

Check out the full clip below:


Disco Inferno explains why WWE could be forced to bring back CM Punk

Disco Inferno also asserted that The McMahon family would have to welcome CM Punk back with open arms if Endeavor wants him to return.

The WCW veteran added that Endeavor holds the majority of the voting power, which could factor into The Second City Saint’s WWE comeback:

“It’s not their company anymore. Endeavor [hold] 51%. So if the Endeavor people want [CM] Punk like, they can’t say no because they have 49% stake and Endeavor is 51%, so I’m thinking like, you know, maybe Endeavor’s pushing for this. He’s got a good relationship with them [because of UFC] (…) It’s a pretty clear metric. The guy has like 100,000 fans on television who will follow CM Punk, and your numbers will go up when he is on TV.”


Several references have been made on WWE TV in recent weeks, which has fans talking about whether the company is teasing the imminent arrival of CM Punk.

It will be interesting to see whether the two sides will bury the hatchet to business again.

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