Who is Ashley Griggs’ son, Carnell Tate? 5-star Ohio State recruit may play immediate factor in Buckeyes’ 2023 season

Ohio State Wide Receiver, Carnell Tate
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Carnell Tate is one of 2023’s most-anticipated college football prospects. The five-star wide receiver committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes in June 2022 and enrolled at the school in January. As a top three wide receiver in his class, a lot is expected of him.

Buckeyes fans know they’ve landed a player capable of becoming a generational talent. He’s already shown his readiness, being the first 2023 freshman to lose his black stripe in the traditional Ohio State ritual for new recruits.

At 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds, Tate’s build gives him the typical appearance of a prototype wide receiver. He also has the advantage of being a versatile player who can play inside or outside. He is a good runner who’s athletic and has mastered the use of his hands. He has the potential to become the Ohio State Buckeyes’ big-play threat.

While his talent is undisputed, what endeared Carnell Tate to the Ohio State coaching staff is beyond his talent. His reputation of hard work and dedication has marked him out in his short time with the team during spring practice.

Who is Carnell Tate challenging for the Ohio State wide receivers’ starting spots?

The expectation is high for Carnell Tate to make an immediate impact. But it must be understood that he will be up against stiff competition for a starting spot.

Over the years, Ohio State has established itself as a steady mill grinding out some of the finest receivers in college football. This is down to the scouting network that sighted Tate.

Not only does Ohio State recruit some of the top receivers from across the country, including standouts like Garrett Wilson and Jaxon Smith-Njigba, but it has also developed lesser-known talents into stars in recent seasons, such as Terry McLaurin and Chris Olave.

The Buckeyes’ present crop of receivers is led by none other than the excellent Marvin Harrison Jr. He led Ohio State in receiving yards (1,263), receptions (77) and receiving touchdowns (14) in 2022.

There is also the top-ranked wide receiver in the 2021 class, Emeka Egbuka. His 74 receptions, 1,151 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns in 2022 only pale in comparison to Harrison’s totals.

Apart from a crop of talented sophomores and juniors returning, Tate also has to compete with fellow freshmen Brandon Inniss, Noah Rogers and Bryson Rodgers.

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