What is the largest comeback in NBA history as of February 2023? Closer look at record-setting win and stats after Lakers win vs Dallas arrives 8th

Los Angeles Lakers v Dallas Mavericks
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On Sunday night, the LA Lakers pulled off a historic comeback against the Dallas Mavericks. They trailed the Mavericks 48-21 with 6:52 seconds left in the second quarter. The game ended 111-108 in one of the biggest come-from-behind stories in NBA history.

The win, however, wasn’t the biggest comeback in the league’s history. In 1996, the Utah Jazz authored the most impressive turnaround victory. The Jazz were down 70-34 to the Denver Nuggets before pulling out for a 107-103 win.

Up next was in 2022 when the LA Laker’s rival, the LA Clippers, crawled back from the grave to beat the Washington Wizards 116-115. They won after overcoming a 35-point deficit.

The 2009 Sacramento Kings share the same place in the record books as the 2022 Clippers. Sacramento rallied from a 35-point disadvantage to beat the Chicago Bulls.

The Boston Celtics, the LA Lakers’ arch-nemesis, took third place in this ranking. They overturned a 32-point disadvantage to beat the San Antonio Spurs in 2021.

The LA Lakers overcame horrendous shooting and the Dallas Mavericks’ hot start to pull off the win

Things turned ugly for the LA Lakers early on. They couldn’t buy a bucket while the Dallas Mavericks effortlessly put on points.

It looked like they would be run out of the building before the second half of the game. However, defense, grit and a never-say-attitude helped them come through.

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