Watch: Raiders CB Marcus Peters saves TD with controversial dirty tackle

After getting beaten badly by wide receiver Christian Watson, Raiders cornerback Marcus Peters resorted to a cheap play to prevent a Packers touchdown.

Peters grabbed Watson by his collar and slung him to the ground, a clear personal foul horse-collar penalty.

Immediately afterward, Peters was criticized online for his controversial tackle. 

Horse-collar tackles were eliminated in 2005 following a tackle by Cowboys defensive back Roy Williams on Eagles wide receiver Terrell Ownes in 2004, resulting in Owens sustaining a fractured fibula.

Luckily, Watson wasn’t injured because of Peters’ dirty play. And as much as he should be criticized, Peters was rewarded for it after the Raiders held the Packers to a field goal.

The league should enforce a rule for player safety to prevent defenders from making an egregious tackle like the one Peters made. Watson had a clear path to the end zone and would have scored without the cheap tackle. 

Unless the NFL does something, more defenders will pull a Peters when they get beat. When that happens and it results in a serious injury, the league will only have itself to blame.

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