Watch: Green Bay benefits from controversial clock error

The Green Bay Packers benefited from a play that shouldn’t have counted late in the third quarter of its Thursday night game against the Detroit Lions.

The clock hit zero before Love got the snap off, which should have resulted in the play being ruled dead. Instead, Love took advantage of the officiating error by connecting with wide receiver Jayden Reed on a 44-yard reception. 

During the “Thursday Night Football” telecast, officiating analyst Terry McAulay said, “The clock clearly hit zero… once the game clock hits zero, it’s over. It should be shut down.” 

Because the Packers were able to run an untimed down, it allowed them to score a touchdown in only 62 seconds, which is huge for a team trying to mount a comeback.

Green Bay trailed 27-3 at the half and is seeking a fourth-quarter comeback for the second time in as many weeks. In Week 3, the Packers outscored the Saints 18-0 in the fourth to win 18-17.

If Green Bay pulls off another comeback, it will have the official’s massive gaffe at the end of the third to thank.

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