WATCH: Brandon Tanev collapses after dangerous collision with Brett Howden

In a shocking turn of events during Tuesday night’s game, Vegas Golden Knights forward Brett Howden delivered a devastating hit on Seattle Kraken forward Brandon Tanev, leaving fans and players alike in suspense. Howden’s hit resulted in a match penalty for an illegal check to the head, as he caught an unsuspecting Tanev up high in the third period.

The collision was so severe that Tanev had to leave the game, causing immediate concern for his well-being. The on-ice officials initially assessed a five-minute major penalty to Howden for the dangerous hit, a decision that was subsequently upheld after a review of the play. Unfortunately for the Kraken, they were unable to capitalize on the power play that followed.

What makes this incident even more shocking is that Brett Howden has never received supplementary discipline in his NHL career prior to this event, making it a rare departure from his otherwise clean record.

Brandon Tanev’s condition remains a matter of concern for fans, as the dangerous collision served as a stark reminder of the physical toll that can come with the intensity of professional hockey.

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