“Very concerning”: Doctor diagnoses Travis Hunter’s injury after “dirty” hit sends Colorado WR to hospital

Travis Hunter left the Rocky Mountain showdown with an injury
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Colorado Travis Hunter endured a severe hit during the first half against the Colorado State Rams. The impact of his collision with Henry Blackburn caused concern in the college football world. Although the two-way star briefly re-entered the game, Hunter ultimately had to exit before the second half began.

ESPN’s Quint Kessenich reported that Hunter was taken to a local hospital for evaluation, ending his night in the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

Dr. Brian Sutterer, a sports medicine doctor, diagnosed Travis Hunter’s injury. According to him, the hit that took Hunter out of the game was “dirty,” occurring long after the ball hit the ground. He explained that the force of the impact was similar to a concussion.




“As Hunter moves down the field, everything’s going to continue to move, but then the ribs, everything bony is going to stop while all of that force has been transmitted from the ribs through the bones potentially into his organs, possibly causing injury to the intraabdominal organs or even the lung,” Dr. Sutterer said.

“Completely uncalled-for hit. Absolutely unnecessary. No place for this type of thing in the game.”

Travis Hunter’s injury raises concerns about internal injuries

Fans reacted to Dr. Sutterer's analysis of Travis Hunter' injury
Fans reacted to Dr. Sutterer’s analysis of Travis Hunter’ injury

Dr. Sutterer emphasized the crucial role played by the ribcage in protecting vital organs. The impact from the hit is primarily absorbed by the ribcage, which acts as a shield for the organs nestled behind it, he said. The doctor highlighted that the transfer of force can result in a “pneumothorax, where air enters the chest cavity, causing the lungs to collapse.”

He also explored the risks posed to the heart and key abdominal organs, including the liver, kidneys and spleen. His analysis provides a deeper understanding of the intricate dynamics at play in sports injuries. Fans had plenty of reactions after hearing the diagnosis.

Travis Hunter is set to miss three weeks due to an injury sustained in a controversial hit against CSU’s Henry, Carl Reed of 247Sports reported. There are reports suggesting a liver laceration from the impact.

“We’re going to do what we’ve got do to take care of him,” Colorado coach Deion Sanders said. “So, I know Travis like a book, he probably is going to want to be out for two weeks, but we’ve got to make sure his health is more important than this game.”

His contributions on both offense and defense were noteworthy, with two catches for 21 yards and two tackles before his exit. Hunter, who followed Deion Sanders from Jackson State, has been a standout two-way player this season.

However, his absence couldn’t have come at a more challenging time for No. 19 Colorado (3-0), with upcoming games against No. 10 Oregon (3-0) and No. 5 USC (3-0) on the horizon, adding pressure to the team’s preparations.

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