[PHOTO] Ex-WWE star shows off baby bump 3 months after announcing she’s expecting twins

In April, the ex-WWE star announced that she
sports gates الإثنين 17 يوليو 2023 - 22:32

A former WWE Superstar has shared her baby bump in a new tweet, three months after revealing that she’s expecting twins.

Female WWE veteran Kelly Kelly is pregnant. She has been keeping her fans updated on her pregnancy and revealed in April that she is expecting twins.

In a new update post, she showed off her baby bump with a heartfelt message in the caption. Check out the tweet below.

Kelly Kelly wrestled her last match as an active WWE Superstar in 2012

On August 12, 2012, Kelly Kelly wrestled her last match at a live event. She defeated Natalya via pinfall, and this was it for her stint in the company. She went on to make several one-off appearances for the promotion over the next ten years or so, most of which were in Royal Rumble matches.

Two years ago, Kelly Kelly had a miscarriage. She shared the sad news in a heartfelt post on her Instagram handle. Here’s an excerpt from her post:

“But knowing in the back of our minds anything could happen, but honestly, we were so excited that we were trying so hard not to think that way. Yesterday I just knew something didn’t feel right, my body was not right. I felt every presence of the baby was gone. Joe rushed me to the hospital and that’s when I just knew we had lost the baby and the hours seemed like days while we waited it became more and more real. We were devastated.”

Kelly Kelly announced earlier this year that she was expecting a baby. Shortly after, she revealed that she was going to have twins. Kelly Kelly is beside herself with joy at the moment and is receiving best wishes from all corners of the wrestling world.

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