“Oh wow to tank another team” – NFL fans react to news of NBA franchise owner entering Commanders bid

Oklahoma City Thunder v Houston Rockets
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The Washington Commanders and their ownership saga show no signs of slowing down. With Dan Snyder not exactly the most popular owner in the league, there is a thought he could cut his losses and sell the franchise amid several off-field incidents.

With several proposed buyers lining up, Synder will have his fair share of offers to sift through, but the latest has caught some off guard. Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta, according to the Washington Post, has thrown his name into the ring as a potential buyer of the Commanders.

This recent development has not gone over well with Rockets fans and Commanders fans alike as Fertitta’s running of the NBA franchise hasn’t been seen as less than. One fan took it a step further.

“Oh wow to tank another team.”

Other NFL and NBA fans gave their thoughts on Fertitta potentially being a buyer of the Commanders.

@ProFootballTalk I thought he was poor by NBA owner-standards? How does he have cash for an NFL team?

@ProFootballTalk He won’t even spend Money on the rockets. Good luck with that

@ProFootballTalk Lmao. Didn’t the nba basically have to step in and save him from losing his team and his restaurant business? What a joke this league is sometimes.

@ProFootballTalk The Commanders will continue to be irrelevant if Tillman Fertitta buys them. The Rockets are a lame duck franchise with him as the owner.

Interesting because he was having money issues and it’s one of the reasons why the Rockets blew it up twitter.com/profootballtal…

It appears that not everyone is on board with the thought of Fertitta becoming an NFL owner as it seems he has enough trouble with the Rockets. Time will tell, but the Washington sale still has a long way to go before it’s finalized.

Commanders slowly turning the page as a franchise?

Dallas v Washington
Dallas v Washington

After an offseason last year that saw the franchise in turmoil over the accusations leveled at Synder, Washington performed rather well during the season for the most part.


After being in a playoff position and controlling their own destiny, they were looking really good. It wasn’t until the late-season collapse that saw them miss the postseason altogether.

Now they have a good chance to build on what was a decent season in 2022. Scott Turner is out as offensive coordinator and was replaced by the Kansas City Chiefs’ Eric Bieniemy.


Sam Howell looks like he will be the starter heading into 2023 unless a big free agent signing comes in.

Overall, the franchise has done a decent job at navigating the troubled waters and the final issue is the sale of the team. With many prospective buyers, it appears that if Fertitta is successful, then Washington could be in for more trouble down the line.

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