“No, I’ve gone for like the bad boy (Paul Skenes), and they finish last” – Olivia Dunne debunks podcast host’s ‘nice guys finish last’ hypothesis

According to Olivia Dunne, Paul Skenes is a bit of a bad boy. When asked about whether or not he finishes last as a nice guy, she turned the conversation on its head. She insisted that he was a bad boy and that she’s done bad boys in the past, and that they also finish last.

She was asked:

“Be honest, be honest. Do nice guys finish last?”

Dunne responded:

“No, I’ve gone for like the ‘bad boy’ and like… they finish last.”

The Nelk Boys said:

“They last temporarily and then at the end, they kind of… Girls will say that, though, they’ll be like nice guys finish last and then they’ll fade the bad boy for a bit and then the bad boy finishes on top.”

She seems to be rather pleased with Skenes, who is currently one of the MLB’s top prospects and progressing through the Pittsburgh Pirates’ farm system.

Paul Skenes didn’t make it far in 2023

After piloting the LSU Tigers to the College World Series title, Paul Skenes was selected first overall by the Pittsburgh Pirates. The ace was all of a sudden one of the top prospects in all of baseball.

Paul Skenes was shut down
Paul Skenes was shut down

There were rumors that the Pirates might want to rush him up to the majors. After all, the gap between college and pro ball is far smaller than between high school and the pros.

That did not happen, and things didn’t go as well as they could have. Skenes was shut down for the year, with an eye on better things in 2024 via CBS Sports:

“We’re excited and encouraged by the positive things Paul has been able to accomplish in his short time in the Pirates organization. He’s checked all of the boxes we aimed for him to check during the 2023 season. The goal now is to focus on a complete off-season in preparation for his first full professional year in 2024.”

That suggests that he won’t be ready to make the majors right away when the following season begins, either.

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