Never try this s**t” – Adin Ross baffled after YouTuber Punchmade Dev teaches the streamer’s audience “how to scam

Punchmade Dev teaches Adin Ross how to scam (Image via Sportskeeda)
sports gates الثلاثاء 18 يوليو 2023 - 15:42

Adin Ross’s Kick live streams have frequently witnessed individuals who may have overstepped certain limits. During his stream earlier today (July 18), YouTuber and musician Devon “Punchmade Dev” made an unusual appearance, delivering a tutorial on conducting scams. He disclosed allegedly having a programmed bot on Telegram that assisted him in gaining access to Adin’s accounts.

Despite being used as a demonstration, Adin Ross was left shocked and strongly advised his fans not to follow such actions due to the potential legal consequences it may entail. He said:

“Never try this s**t”

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Did Punchmade Dev get caught trying to scam Adin Ross?

Adin Ross was understandably bewildered upon witnessing Punchmade Dev utilizing his acquired details obtained through the bot. Moreover, Devon even asserted having access to the two-step authentication code. Seeing the entire process, Adin said:

“That is so disgusting bro. What the f**k, bro.”

He also advised his fans not to try their hands at such chicaneries. He said:

“Bro, anyone doing this sh*t, just don’t do it, dude. I don’t wanna see it, this sh*t is so bad, bro. Don’t f**king do this sh*t, this is too much bro. On god, you guys gonna go to prison. Like, on god.”

Adin Ross was perplexed and questioned why Punchmade Dev had not faced legal repercussions for his hacking actions. To this, the latter said:

“Bro, I know what I’m doing. I’m Punchmade Dev.”

Later in the stream, additional footage depicted Punchmade Dev entering a retail store and purchasing a TV using Adin’s card information. While still on FaceTime, he suddenly muted himself and hastily started running after conversing with someone off-camera, suggesting that his act may have been discovered.

After a brief moment, Punchmade Dev contacted Adin again, but this time to inform him that he had to abruptly leave the stream as he hastily departed in his car.

Fans share their reactions

The clip generated a few baffled comments from the popular r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Here are some noteworthy responses:

Adin is presently an exclusive streamer on Kick. In fact, with over 500K followers, he is the platform’s most followed streamer. Recently, he also revealed having a minority stake at the Trai9nwrecks-backed website.

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