Minecraft Aether mod guide: Everything you need to know 

Add a whole new dimension to your Minecraft world (Image via Twitter/DevAether)
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Mods are an asset to Minecraft when it comes to adding new perspectives and experiences. Of the multitude, the Aether mod is a renewed take on the vanilla Minecraft, adding a new dimension to the game. The staggering features of this mod have been recently updated to the latest version of the game, also supporting multiplayer. The best part is that it will remain in sync with your survival gameplay.

It will enhance the game by giving you newly furbished content such as newfound ores, locations, mobs, and much more. Let us dig deeper into what the mod has to offer.

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The Minecraft Aether Guide

What is the Aether, and how to access it

Transverse into the Aether realm using a unique portal. (Image via The Aether Team)
Transverse into the Aether realm using a unique portal. (Image via The Aether Team)

The Aether is a dimension like the Nether and the End, which needs to be accessed via a portal. Resembling the End, it is a floating realm across the sky, falling off from which will take you back to the Overworld.

The portal to enter the Aether needs to be constructed using a Glowstone frame, which requires activating a water bucket in the middle. The activated portal will then transpose you into a dimension that can be addressed as a hellacious paradise in Minecraft.

Salient features of the Aether Dimension


Taking its place as an entire realm, it has numerous features that bring delight to the players. It comprises endless skylands, engulfed in volumetric elements with different fully accessible islands.

Furthermore, it brings a variety of new utility blocks like the Altar, Freezer, Incubator, and material tiers such as Skyroot, Holystone, Zanite, and Gravitite. Each material tier presents its own set of tools and weapons, with special abilities.


A notable aspect of this realm is also its hostility element. This mod introduces a new set of mobs and challenges that you need to overcome to grasp the actual significance this dimension comprises. To explore this astounding floating paradise, a peculiar mob called Moas can be used. It is a flying mount with different levels of jump counts.

From the outlook based on a storyline, the Aether features three special dungeons with unique challenging bosses to defeat. The Bronze dungeon is home to sentries, protected by a creature named Slider who is made up of stone.

There is also a Silver dungeon featuring a Nordic theme, with a Valkyrie Queen guarding a Valkyrie temple. Finally, the rare Gold dungeon houses the all-powerful Sun spirit, who holds a valuable treasure to behold.

Installation of the Aether mod


The mod is for Minecraft Java edition and requires Forge to work and can be downloaded from either CurseForge or Modrinth sites. You also require other prerequisites to run the mod since it comes with a .jar extension.

The mod needs to be enabled via the Minecraft launcher, using the installations tab. The delimit of this mod is that it is incompatible with other mods like Optifine.

The Aether mod is perfect for those who want to add an additional content-filled experience to the vanilla survival gameplay of Minecraft. Recently updated to work with the 1.20.1 version, it has been upgraded with remastered textures, a balanced loot system, boss fights, integrated data packs, and much more. This is truly a worthwhile addition to the modding community that one must definitely explore.

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