Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale deals: Upto 60% off on Persona 5 Royal, Soul Hackers 2, and more

Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale offers up to 90% discount on games (Image via Microsoft)
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The Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale is finally here. Players can score a variety of Xbox and PC games for up to a massive 90% discount. Gaming enthusiasts should not pass up on these deals as they only get a few days to enjoy this opportunity. To accentuate the excitement, fan-favorite titles like Persona 5 and Soul Hackers are discounted for up to 60%.

The huge sale will last until July 31, featuring 961 Xbox Games and 241 PC games on sale. There’s a huge selection of deals available, so it is important to determine which titles are truly worth the price. Delve into the article to find out which games are included, both for Xbox and PC.

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Check out these games on discount during Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale

Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale is live until July 31 (Image via Microsoft)
Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale is live until July 31 (Image via Microsoft)

Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale will run until July 31, 2023, which gives players around two weeks to purchase Xbox and PC games on sale.

You can grab Persona 5 in the sale for only $38.99 from its original $59.99 price, giving you a 35% discount. This 2016 RPG is one of the most popular RPG titles on consoles. You can also purchase the franchise’s previous installments, Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden Bundle, for $27.64. This gives you around a $12 discount.

Another game developed by Atlus is also on sale, with a massive discount. Soulhackers 2 is currently 60% off, which you can purchase for a steal price of $23.99 from its original $59.99. It’s also a popular RPG on consoles and is the fifth installment of the Devil Summoner series.

Below are some popular Xbox titles you can also score during the sale:

  • Elden Ring (30% off) – $41.99
  • Forza Horizon 5 (50% off) – $39.99
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare II Cross Gen Bundle (45% off) – $38.49
  • F1 23 Champions Edition (40% off) – $53.99
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo (67% off) – $19.79
  • Dead Island 2 Deluxe Edition (20% off) – Dead Island 2 Deluxe Edition

Meanwhile, here are some PC games you can grab during the sale:

  • Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition (50% off) – $19.99
  • Sea of Thieves Deluxe Edition (50% off) – $24.99
  • ARK: Survival Evolved (25% off) – $4.99
  • Grounded (60% off) – $23.99
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection (25% off) – $9.99

The Microsoft Ultimate Game Sale is live and expected to end on July 31, 2023. Players can acquire games for up to 90% discount on Xbox and PC games.

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