League of Legends LoLdle answers 449: Friday, September 29, 2023

The LoLdle answers for its 449th iteration are now available. This game includes five perplexing puzzles that necessitate extensive knowledge of League of Legends characters, their skins, abilities, and emoticons. Additionally, to accurately solve these intricate riddles, players must know quotes related to the champions in LoL.

This piece offers the answers to September 29, 2023’s LoLdle.

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Janna, Senna, and other League of Legends LoLdle answers for 449th edition (September 29, 2023)


The LoLdle solutions for September 29’s puzzles are as follows:

  • Classic: Janna
  • Quote: Senna
  • Ability: Corki, Bonus: Q
  • Emoji: Udyr
  • Splash Art: Draven, Bonus: Gladiator Draven

Guessing Janna’s name should be straightforward, as she’s one of the most popular support champions in League of Legends. Hailing from the region of Zaun, she made her in-game debut in 2009. The quote riddle could be difficult to decipher since Senna is not a frequently used champion in LoL.

Identifying Corki’s ability won’t be hard due to his high pick rate. However, the emoji puzzle will most likely be since Udyr is not a popular LoL champion. Finally, Draven’s Gladiator splash art is also quite easy to recognize.

Previous League of Legends LoLdle answers

Here are some previous LoLdle answers:

  • September 28, LoLdle 448: Lee Sin, Yone, Poppy, Illaoi, Diana
  • September 27, LoLdle 447: Zeri, Sivir, Lux, Maokai, Sion
  • September 26, LoLdle 446: Senna, Jax, Wukong, Zyra, Kalista
  • September 25, LoLdle 445: Amumu, Zed, Graves, Kalista, Gnar
  • September 24, LoLdle 444: Akali, Poppy, Ekko, Gragas, Taric
  • September 23, LoLdle 443: Annie, Kha’Zix, Karthus, Lissandra, Kog’Maw
  • September 22, LoLdle 442: Varus, Rell, Teemo, Rakan, Zed
  • September 21, LoLdle 441: Seraphine, Rumble, Kayle, Kha’Zix, Shyvana
  • September 20, LoLdle 440: Corki, Urgot, Xin Zhao, Ziggs, Nami
  • September 19, LoLdle 439: Nocturne, Xerath, Kog’Maw, Ahri, Sejuani
  • September 18, LoLdle 438: Fiddlesticks, Amumu, Samira, Twitch, Graves
  • September 17, LoLdle 437: Yorick, Kai’Sa, Kled, Zed, Blitzcrank
  • September 16, LoLdle 436: Darius, Kled, Ivern, Twisted Fate, Thresh
  • September 15, LoLdle 435: Miss Fortune, Heimerdinger, Sivir, Zeri, Taliyah
  • September 14, LoLdle 434: Zed, Renata Glasc, Ryze, Janna, Zyra
  • September 13, LoLdle 433: LeBlanc, Graves, Darius, Veigar, Janna
  • September 12, LoLdle 432: Trundle, Varus, Naafiri, Diana, Malphite
  • September 11, LoLdle 431: Zoe, Cho’Gath, Bard, Rengar, Vladimir
  • September 10, LoLdle 430: Twitch, Malzahar, Trundle, Hecarim, Garen

The answers to LoLdle’s 450th edition will be published on September 30, 2023.

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