KSI trolls Jake Paul as ‘The Problem Child’ suffers first loss

KSI (left) and Jake Paul (right)
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Jake Paul suffered the first loss of his boxing career last night against Tommy Fury. It was supposed to be the biggest test of his career so far, and although ‘The Problem Child’ showed a lot of heart and courage, he fell short on the judges’ scorecards.

While Paul received support from many following his defeat, his rival KSI did his best to troll him in a series of social media posts. The Brit first called Paul and Tommy Fury “trash” while stating:

“Don’t mind me, just smoking on that Jake Paul pack. Honestly, Jake Paul, trash. Tommy Fury, trash.”

Watch the video below:

In another video posted by KSI, the Brit trolled Paul by suggesting that he lost because he wasn’t drinking PRIME:

“Jake, you see the problem with you man, the reason why you lost is because you weren’t drinking PRIME baby. I stay winning, I stay winning bitch.”

Watch the video below:

It is worth noting that the 26-year-old and KSI were slated to fight each other before the end of the year. However, the fight may now be in doubt following Paul’s defeat to Tommy Fury.

Jake Paul claims he wants Tommy Fury rematch before fighting KSI

As mentioned earlier, there was talk of a potential matchup between Jake Paul and KSI later this year. However, after suffering the first defeat of his career, ‘The Problem Child’ has suggested that he wants to run it back with Tommy Fury before fighting the British YouTuber.

During the post-fight press conference, Paul suggested that he was still down to fight KSI, however, he would first try to avenge his loss to Tommy Fury in a rematch:

“I think I gotta go get this one back and KSI is yet to fight a real opponent so we don’t even know his actual skill level but obviously that is still a massive fight but I’m gonna go back for this rematch. I just talked to Tommy back in the medical room and he’s like, ‘let’s go, let’s do it again’ and he’s down for it. So, I think that will be the focus first and foremost. I’m gonna prove that I can go and fight a better fight than I did tonight and get that W.”

Watch the video below:

Jake Paul says he will activate the Tommy Fury rematch clause before fighting KSI… https://t.co/sEgi9KELSw

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