Jordan Love shows heart on ‘TNF,’ but that’s not enough moving forward for Packers

In a sense, you have to give it to the Green Bay Packers.

Just a few days after entering halftime down 17-0, they went into the locker room on “Thursday Night Football” down 27-3. The final score of Thursday’s game was 34-20 in favor of the Lions, but at least quarterback Jordan Love and the Packers made it a game.

It would have been easy to pack it in (pun intended), but the Packers did come out in the second half and at least showed a bit of life. After an abysmal first half, Love threw a touchdown pass to second-year wideout Christian Watson, who saw his first action of the season after missing the first three games with a hamstring injury. The young quarterback also had a nine-yard touchdown scamper early in the fourth quarter.

In the end, though, it wasn’t enough. Green Bay could not get over another abysmal start and the comeback juice appeared to be used up on last weekend’s contest against the Atlanta Falcons.

Now at 2-2, the Packers seem to have more questions than answers – especially at quarterback.

On one hand, Love clearly has the respect of his teammates and he also has plenty of physical talent. When he’s “on,” he sure is fun to watch.

On the other hand, he’s missed way too many easy throws that NFL quarterbacks simply can’t miss. He completed just 23-of-36 passes against Detroit for 203 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions. Sure, his offensive line did him no favors (Love was sacked five times and pressured often by a good Detroit defense), but Love simply hasn’t been accurate at times.

Sure, when going from Aaron Rodgers to any quarterback, there’s going to be a downtick in accuracy numbers. With that said Love has a completion percentage this season of just 56.38.

That’s not going to cut it in the NFL, let alone in Green Bay.

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