Is Fortnite and World of Warcraft getting a crossover event?

Fortnite X World of Warcraft
sports gates الثلاثاء 18 يوليو 2023 - 12:24

A latest string of leaks and datamined files have revealed that Fortnite might finally be getting a crossover event with World of Warcraft. The speculation first began with WoW Patch 10.1.7 PTR build containing spells that refer to Fortnite, then a Renegade Looter model was datamined which looks awfully similar to the Renegade Rider from the Battle Royale.

What makes a possible crossover event surprising for WoW is the fact that the MMORPG barely goes into such collaborations. While it did recently have a crossover with Diablo, the two games are Blizzard IPs and that did not surprise many fans as the developers were looking to promote Diablo 4 through this.

However, while it’s surprising that possible Fortnite references were found in the World of Warcraft PTR, it’s just another day on the drawing board for Epic’s Battle Royale. Over the years Fortnite has invested in a plethora of collaborative efforts with multiple IPs from various developers and if the WoW crossover does turn out to be more than a rumor, then it’s just going to be another feather in its cap.

Fortnite x World of Warcraft leaks and speculation

As mentioned, the Fortnite X World of Warcraft speculation comes from some of the files that were datamined from the WoW Patch 10.1.7 PTR build. To those unaware, PTR stands for Public Test Realm, where Blizzard adds and tests out future content for the MMO before officially shipping them with the final update.

According to the new set of datamined leaks from the PTR servers, the community seems to have found files that refer to some spells from Fortnite. Additionally, a datamined model was also found for a “Renegade Looter” to look quite similar to Renegade Rider from the Battle Royale.

What makes a Fortnite crossover event with World of Warcraft plausible is the fact that another batch of datamined leaks show that Epic’s title is gearing up for an event with Elder Scrolls Online which is the MMORPG by Bethesda and ZeniMax.

Hence, it won’t be all that surprising if Fortnite finally adds WoW to the ever-increasing roster of IPs that they have had collaborations with.

However, players should take this bit of speculated news with a grain of salt. While this datamined leaks may come true it’s possible that it will not be a full-blown event and just references that World of Warcraft is making to other games which it has a history of doing.

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