If WWE brings back the Divas Championship, there’s only one star who should win it

Should WWE bring back the Divas Championship?
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The women’s division has pushed forward over the past decade, and following the Women’s Evolution, new opportunities have been handed to the female members of WWE’s roster.

The Divas Championship was officially retired back in 2016. But it appears that a current superstar is pushing for the title to make its return, and it could be for a fantastic reason.

For a time, being called a Diva was seen as derogative, and many female wrestlers hated the term. However, as a member of the Maximum Male Models, Mace has already proved that he could bring something new and fierce to the title.

Should Mace push for WWE to bring back the Divas Championship?

As part of a recent appearance on The Bump, Mace found the Divas Championship and posed with it throughout the show.

This has since led to Wrestling Twitter calling for Mace to be handed a chance to win the title. Some are even asking the company to bring the championship back just for Mace because it would work with his current gimmick.

WWE recently retired the 24/7 Championship, which appeared to be Triple H’s decision since nothing significant was happening with the title when he took over creative last year.

It’s unclear if the company would allow Mace to have his own championship. But even if it’s not an official title recognized by the promotion, Mace should be allowed to bring it to the ring and claim it is an active championship.

Maximum Male Models have their own niche at the moment, and the Divas Championship would go perfectly with all of their characters.

Do you think Mace deserves a chance to hold a title in the Maximum Male Models? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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