“How far are we away from that” – Joe Rogan fears real-life “Mad Max” scenario as Israel-Palestine war goes from bad to worse

Joe Rogan expressed his concerns regarding the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Recently, Hamas and other Palestinian armed factions carried out a synchronized offensive involving both ground and aerial assaults in several Israeli border regions, resulting in the tragic loss of over 1,000 Israeli civilians. In response to this incursion, the Israeli Defense Forces initiated a comprehensive operation against the militant organizations in the contentious Gaza Strip vicinity.

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience featuring American comedian Brian Redban, the veteran UFC commentator shared his perspective on the ongoing conflict in the Middle East Asian states:

“I have been freaking out over the last few weeks at night time, and I just start thinking about the future of the world and I start like legit freaking out, like what would happen if we were like legit armageddon ‘Mad Max’ nuclear war. How far are we away from that? And it just gives me anxiety before I go to sleep, I’m just laying there and think fu*k, how does it all resolve? And then this fu*king Israel thing pops off and now I’m legit freaked out.”

He added:

“This Israel thing just scares the sh*t out of me. Because when I see something like that happen, there’s like no clear way this resolves peacefully like this is bad, this is real bad. And Israel’s going to go into Palestine and they’re already bombing and, is there a retaliation for that, and what happens then other countries get involved?”

Check out Joe Rogan’s comments below (from 0:04):


Joe Rogan reacts to Joe Biden’s dog biting more Secret Service agents

Joe Rogan responded to the recent news about Commander, Joe Biden’s dog, who has made headlines for biting multiple Secret Service agents.

US president Joe Biden is constantly surrounded by Secret Service agents who closely monitor his activities and ensure his safety. Commander, the president’s German Shepherd and a close companion, has reportedly bitten 11 Secret Service agents thus far.

Rogan recently shared the news on his Instagram along with a caption that read:

“I want you to imagine what would happen if your dog bit 11 secret service agents. German Shepherds are really fu*king smart working dogs. You’re not just supposed to have them laying around bored.”

Check out Rogan’s post below:

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