Hinting at a USC return, a thrilled LeBron James celebrates as Bronny James’ USC jersey is showcased alongside Lakers jersey

LeBron James and Bronny James with their respective jerseys.
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Nearly two months ago, LeBron James’ son, Bronny James, had a cardiac arrest while working out at the University of South Carolina. A spokesperson of the James family later released a statement that James Jr. had a congenital heart defect. Fortunately, the younger James is fine and is expected to return to basketball in the “near future.”

The future could be here as “King James” previously posted on Instagram a few days ago a photo of his son dunking. James’ caption was about having an “underdog mentality” and playing like the youngster never left.

The LA Lakers superstar added more to the hype with this story in his IG account:

One of "King James'" recent IG stories
One of “King James'” recent IG stories

The photo simply showed LeBron James in the LA Lakers and Bronny James in the USC Trojans uniforms, respectively. Interest has already been mounting again for James Jr. to return to basketball again.

The Trojans will face the Kansas State Wildcats on November 5 at a still-to-be-determined venue. If James Jr. is healthy, that might easily be the biggest game to start the 2023-24 collegiate basketball season.

James Jr., according to USC basketball coach Andy Enfield, was doing well in practices before the mentioned incident. Many are hoping Bronny James will be back to that level before the Trojans’ first game. The elder James has no doubt his son will be up to that task once healthy.

LeBron James and Bronny James jerseys will be a big-time hit in the NBA

LeBron James has often said that his last big goal in the NBA is to play with Bronny James. The four-time NBA Finals MVP vowed to play for the team that drafts his son. When that time comes, “King James” emphasizes that it wouldn’t be about money as he simply wants to be with James Jr.

Many are convinced that the younger James will have a one-and-done season at South Carolina before becoming a pro. The spectacle of the James playing together under one team will be momentous in basketball.

If and when that happens, jersey sales of LeBron James and his son might turn out to be staggering. Already, the photo of the LA Lakers and USC Trojans jerseys with their name on the back is a hit. One can only imagine the potential of having both of them playing for one team.

For now, everyone, including the James family, will be content with waiting for James Jr. to return to USC basketball.

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