High ankle sprain recovery time: How long will Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes take to recover?

Divisional Round - Cleveland Browns v Kansas City Chiefs
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A high ankle sprain (the one suffered by Patrick Mahomes) occurs when you tear or damage the high ankle ligaments that connect the tibia to the fibula. These ligaments are known as syndesmosis, even though that word refers to the joint. You might hear that your high ankle sprain is also called a syndesmotic injury.

High ankle sprains are common for sportsmen that play contact sports. It could take six to eight weeks to recover from a high ankle sprain. If you’re an athlete, your return to play might take longer. Low ankle sprains generally heal quicker.

Patrick Mahomes’ return timetable

Patrick Mahomes got a high ankle sprain in a playoff matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Kansas City Chiefs’ shot caller attempted a trademark deep throw when sandwiched between two Jaguars defenders. The contact was brutal, and it was clear to everyone who saw it that Mahomes was in big trouble.

The 2022 regular-season MVP favorite needed to be helped off the field, and his emotions were laid bare for everyone to see. Mahomes later returned to the game as he helped the Chiefs starve off a Jaguars comeback. After the game, Mahomes was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain.

As mentioned, the recovery period for a high ankle sprain is typically 6-8 weeks. The Kansas City Chiefs will attempt to manage their franchise QB with remarkable care all week long. Though the best remedy for his injury ought to be proper rest and some time away from the Gridiron, he’ll likely play through the pain for the remainder of the postseason.

Patrick Mahomes —Concern for right high ankle sprain primarily. Possibly stress to his knee (MCL) too. But thinking primarily ankle here. https://t.co/taWRS3koiD

How is Patrick Mahomes performing this season?

Patrick Mahomes has been one of the best players in the National Football League all season. Since week one, Mahomes has almost singlehandedly willed the Chiefs to yet another AFC Championship game.

Mahomes has made all the Chiefs’ offensive players look better, and he is part of a fearsome quarterback-tight end combo with Travis Kelce.

Mahomes has made the Pro Bowl, All-Pro, and players’ All-Pro list this season, and next up is likely his second MVP award. The sixth-year pro is putting up a stat line of 5,259 passing yards, 41 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

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