“He’s not a natural on the catwalk” – Victoria trolls David Beckham for slip at Lionel Messi presentation, ex-England captain responds

David Beckham almost fell after slipping
sports gates الثلاثاء 18 يوليو 2023 - 16:44

Victoria Beckham trolled her husband David Beckham for his slip during Lionel Messi’s unveiling at Inter Miami. The club’s co-owner was walking up the ramp when he slipped as the platform was wet following a spell of rain.

The video went viral on social media as fans noticed the legendary footballer trying to maintain his balance. His wife, Victoria, also saw the video and responded.

She jokingly suggested that the former Manchester United star was not used to catwalks before he himself reshared the video. The slip saw Beckham take smaller strides and keep his balance before the presenter helped him reach the middle of the pitch.

Lionel Messi was unveiled to the Inter Miami fans, with around 20,000 in attendance. He could make his debut this week when the MLS side take on Cruz Azul in a Leagues Cup match.

David Beckham on getting a million texts after Lionel Messi’s decision

David Beckham revealed that he received a ‘million messages’ after Lionel Messi announced his decision to join Inter Miami. He claimed that his phone went off soon and he was caught surprised.

Beckham was pushing to sign Messi since Inter Miami joined MLS. He was quoted by Daily Mail as saying:

“A couple of weeks ago, I woke up to about a million messages on my phone. I was thinking, ‘What’s gone off? I don’t usually get this many messages.’ All of a sudden, I hear Leo has come out and announced he’s coming to Miami. Obviously, it wasn’t a surprise to me. I have always said, from the word go, that if I had the opportunity to bring the best players in the game to Miami, at whatever time of their careers, I would do that. I have always made that commitment to our fans.”

He added:

“So when I hear that one of the best players — if not the best player — who has won everything in the game, who is still a great player, still young and still doing what he’s doing, wants to play for my team, it’s a massive moment for us.

Lionel Messi admitted that he was looking to join Barcelona this summer but ultimately decided to join Inter Miami. He did not want to wait for the Catalan club to sort out their financial issues before he could officially be registered.

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