“He deserves so much better” – Vince Russo reacts to WWE release (Exclusive)

Vince Russo believes WWE’s large creative team has hindered the progress of several superstars over the years, including Elias.

Elias recently received his release from WWE after nine years with the company. The former 24/7 Champion’s storylines often ended abruptly, most notably in 2022 when his new character Ezekiel was suddenly removed from television. He also formed a short-lived alliance with Rick Boogs earlier in 2023.

On Sportskeeda’s The Wrestling Outlaws show with Dr. Chris Featherstone and EC3, Russo blamed WWE’s creative team for Elias’ stop-start angles:

“A victim of too many people with too many ideas. He’s in, he’s out, he’s in, he’s out, he’s in, he’s out. He deserves so much better. This guy has talent. He’s gonna land somewhere else.” [34:03 – 34:15]


Watch the video above to hear the panel’s thoughts on Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali, and several other released WWE stars.

Why Vince Russo preferred the Attitude Era approach to writing

In the late 1990s, Ed Ferrara and Vince Russo co-wrote WWE’s weekly television shows. They came up with ideas for every match and segment before reporting directly to WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon.

Russo believes WWE’s decision to increase the writing team to more than 20 people has led to a lack of storyline continuity:

“With all these cases, this comes really down to way too many people being involved. Because with so many people involved there is no focus, and you are ping-ponging these talents all over the place. And I don’t wanna sit here and put me and Ed over, but it was two people. JR [Jim Ross] said, ‘Here is the roster. Help them.'” [13:52 – 14:19]

Russo also gave his opinion on how Dana Brooke might fare outside of WWE following her release from the company.

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