“GTA Online is literally unsafe to play on PC”: Fans request Rockstar Games to address the RCE hacking exploits

A brief about fans request to Rockstar Games to address the RCE hacking exploits and their reactions to the current state (Image via Rockstar Games)
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GTA Online fans have been going through a rough time on PC due to the ongoing RCE hacking exploits, corrupting their data and accounts. While Rockstar Games haven’t addressed the situation publicly yet, fans want an acknowledgment and response.

Famous gamer TGG recently requested the developers on Twitter on January 22, 2023, to address the current state of GTA Online. They emphasized that it is unsafe for PC gamers to play as the chances of getting hacked seem high. Expressing their frustration and disappointment with the developers’ silence in this regard, they wrote:

“GTA Online is literally unsafe to play on PC and you haven’t even let players know.”

.@RockstarGames Y’all need to get a community manager or something man… GTA Online is literally unsafe to play on PC and you haven’t even let players know. We don’t even know if you are aware of the issue. It’s 2023, wake up and come to the party.

Fans are disappointed with no fix to GTA Online PC hacking RCE exploits so far

I’m always going to feel bad for #GTAOnline players on PC. If you’re having a break due to the current situation, I recommend you try Bully or L.A. Noire if you haven’t played those titles yet! https://t.co/Ewk8WumN16

As seen in the aforementioned Twitter post, famous insider Liam shared a meme video clip showcasing the current state of GTA Online and how cheaters can permanently ban players’ accounts on PC.

The new exploits allow hackers to add, remove or modify data for players in any lobby using remote code execution tactics.

Many fans also raised their concerns on social media regarding the current state of the game. Here are some of the relevant community reactions:

@TGGonYT @RockstarGames Yeah Rockstar Games will have to deal with a lot of lawsuits because I think if players PCs get damaged beyond repair. That’s damage to private property.

@TGGonYT @RockstarGames I think PlayStation 5 is having this issue too- I’ve seen a sudden influx of people level 7981 specifically with 10000000037 K/D or along those lines- seems no one is safe.

@TGGonYT @RockstarGames Highly unlikely they care enough to fix it even if they have noticed, given it is a Saturday that the issue seemed to spike. With these new no crunch policy’s at rockstar it’s not a good chance anything will happen till Monday at the absolute earliest

@TGGonYT @RockstarGames Rockstar Games; “Talk to us when it’s a money glitch, or Dax cooldown glitch. Then we’ll care. God.”

These exploits were first reported by Tez2, a reliable insider who tweeted about the ongoing threat to PC players. In a report posted on January 21, 2023, the insider shared that new extreme exploits have given hackers an enormous amount of power. By utilizing these exploits, cheaters can debilitate players in several ways, including:

  • Reset Mission Cooldowns
  • Corrupt Account
  • Remove Money
  • Rank
  • Badsport
  • Unlocks
  • Give Money (up to $15 million at a time)

#GTAOnline PC High Alert⚠️New extreme exploits have appeared allowing cheaters to remotely add/remove/modify your stats and permanently corrupt your account aka ban/delete.Avoid playing without a firewall rule or playing at all!🚨Thanks to @HarryGotTaken for notifying. https://t.co/tyh4tCInML

Tez2 highly recommends using a firewall on PCs while playing the game or simply avoiding it. In a tweet on January 21, 2023, they also shared a temporary fix to cope with the corrupt account situation. He suggested that players follow these steps in case of account corruption:

  1. Open the “Documents” folder on the PC
  2. Delete the “Rockstar Games” folder completely from it
  3. Reload the game to refresh the data

Temporary fix for account corruption on PC- Delete “Rockstar Games” folder from Documents- Reload the game to refresh profile data#GTAOnline

Speyedr also reassured players that the Guardian still prevents players from new exploits. However, they also warned about the severity of the damage these hackers can do in case of an incorrect installation of the software.

Just to reassure everyone–Guardian still works, and this new exploit doesn’t somehow bypass Guardian.HOWEVER, the chance of any user (especially beginners) setting up Guardian incorrectly in a way that doesn’t protect them is too high for such a dangerous exploit.

The developers are believed to be aware of the situation, and fans can expect a quick update to resolve the situation.

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