Former WWE Champion details how he broke his neck after Brock Lesnar hit him with a chair

Brock Lesnar is a 7-time WWE Champion
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Brock Lesnar has been known to dish out physical punishment over the years, with one star suffering The Beast’s wrath being Kurt Angle.

Angle and Lesnar are no strangers to one another, having faced off at WrestleMania 19 for the WWE Championship in 2003. However, one match during the latter stages of that year led to another severe injury for the Olympic Gold Medalist.

Speaking on his podcast, the Kurt Angle Show, the hall of Famer described how a match involving him, Brock, and Chris Beniot, resulted in him breaking his neck for a third time.

“Chris, before the match started, he told Brock, ‘Hey, swing sideways on my head because I had surgery on my neck, and I don’t want you to come over straight over the top. I didn’t tell Brock,” he continued. “So he hits Benoit sideways, and Benoit’s neck is okay. “He goes over the top and hits me right on top of my head as hard as he could, and I broke — three broken vertebrae. I had bone chips in my neck, and I had two discs that slid into my spinal cord. So I kind of messed myself up again. This is the third time I broke my neck.” (H/T Fightful)


Despite Brock’s ferocious nature, the former WWE and Universal Champion has been in the wrestling business for over 20 years, and is seen as one of the more level-headed performers on the roster today.

Brock Lesnar is back on RAW

Last night, during the 30th-anniversary edition of Monday Night RAW, the Conqueror made his long-awaited return to WWE after having been away from action since November 5th, 2022.

Brock Lesnar made it very clear who he was targeting as he looked to cost his rival Bobby Lashley a chance at winning the coveted United States Championship.

The two stars have only faced off one-on-one twice in their careers, with both men coming away with a win. Therefore, a rubber match between the two former WWE Champions is very much a match fans may see in the near future.

Who do you want to see Brock Lesnar face at WrestleMania 39? Give us your pick in the comments section below.

Rhea Ripley just said she’d love to enter the men’s Rumble. Watch Lashley’s hilarious reaction here

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