FIFA 23 Mid Icon Player Pick SBC: How to complete, expected cost, and more

The Mid Icon PP is now available (Images via EA Sports)
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EA Sports has launched the first Icon Player Pick SBC in FIFA 23, much to the excitement of FUT fans around the globe. With the Showdown Series promo in full swing, gamers have been treated to a wide variety of content in Ultimate Team, including special cards, objectives, and SBCs. The latest Squad Building Challenge offers a choice between the Mid versions of two Icons.

Mid Icon PPAround 300k so cheapish…. But feel like we need Prime icons at this stageThoughts ?Done it ? ?#FIFA23

Icons have been a mainstay in Ultimate Team since their introduction. These legendary players have left a mark on the sport, and their abilities have been reflected accurately on the virtual pitch of FIFA 23. While Mid Icon items are not as impressive or desirable as World Cup or Prime ones, this Player Pick challenge adds the dynamic of choice to the mix, making the SBC more enticing.

Mid Icon Player Pick SBC now live in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team


Excluding campaign Icon variants like TOTY Icons and World Cup Icons, every Icon has three distinct versions in FUT: Base, Mid, and Prime. The latest Player Pick SBC offers gamers the choice between the Mid versions of two Icon cards. This is what makes it the first Icon Player Pick SBC in FIFA 23 outside of Swaps rewards.

The SBC consists of two segments, each with its own stipulations and pack rewards. These are the specific requirements in question:

86-rated squad

  • Team of the Week players: Minimum one in your starting eleven
  • Team overall rating: Minimum 86

87-rated squad

  • Team overall rating: Minimum 87

The overall expected cost of this SBC is around 320,000 FUT coins, which is to be expected considering the current price of high-rated fodder cards on FIFA 23’s FUT transfer market.

Is it worth completing the Mid Icon Player Pick SBC in FIFA 23?


While the rewards offered by the SBC are rather appealing, they also come at a hefty price. These are the most expensive and overpowered items up for grabs in this Player Pick challenge:

  • Pele: 95
  • Ronaldo Nazario: 94
  • Zinedine Zidane: 94
  • Paulo Maldini: 92
  • Eusebio: 91
  • Ronaldinho: 91
  • Johan Cruyff: 91
  • Ruud Gullit: 90
  • Jairzinho: 90
  • Patrick Vieira: 88

With EA Sports recently releasing the 89+ World Cup or Prime Icon Upgrade SBC, gamers might not know which of the two available Icon challenges offers better rewards. Both are expensive, with this one costing around 500,000 coins, while the Mid Icon Player Pick inclusion costs approximately 320,000 coins.

While the 89+ Icon Upgrade one offers better versions of the available Icons, the ability to choose between two cards makes the Player Pick challenge more enticing, especially since it’s cheaper as well.

Despite Icons taking a backseat to FUT Heroes when it comes to squad-building viability in FIFA 23’s new chemistry system, they are still just as overpowered as ever in-game. There is always a certain aura around these cards that boosts their performance on the virtual pitch, making them some of the most expensive and coveted items in Ultimate Team.

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