EA FC 24 Pitch Notes hint at Founder Rewards replacing welcome back packs in Ultimate Team

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team will have some major changes (Images via EA Sports)
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With the release of the EA FC 24 Web App being right around the corner, the recent Pitch Notes have shocked fans on social media by suggesting that the game will not contain welcome back packs. These packs have been a staple of Ultimate Team for years, rewarding loyal gamers with in-game content at the beginning of a new game cycle. However, they will now be replaced with Founder Rewards.

EA Sports have confirmed this change in their latest Ultimate Team Pitch notes, in which the developers go into detail about the various new features and additions.

With how crucial these welcome back packs are for getting a good start to the annual journey in Ultimate Team, fans will be hoping that the new Founder Rewards can live up to the same standards in EA FC 24.

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Founder Status rewards will replace welcome back packs in EA FC 24

In previous installments, returning gamers received a set of packs upon the creation of their latest club to help them kickstart the process. These packs would contain players and consumables, saving fans plenty of time and resources in the early stages of the game. However, this system will be completely overhauled in EA FC 24.

What are Founder Rewards?

Based on the Pitch Notes, these packs will be replaced by a new set of incentives called Founder Rewards. While not much is known about these perks, leaks suggest that they will consist of the following segments:

  • Founder Evolution
  • Founder XP objectives
  • Founder Kits and Stadiums
  • Founder badges

While cosmetic items like Kits, Stadiums, and Badges certainly don’t sound too exciting, the idea of having special XP objectives and Evolutions could possibly entice many in the community. With the Evolutions feature being a brand new addition to EA FC 24, it will be intriguing to see how these rewards provide benefits in that aspect of the game.


That said, these new rewards could potentially hinder the coin-making progress in Ultimate Team. Welcome back packs often contained players that could be quick-sold or listed on the transfer market for easy coins.

Overhauling the previous system will force gamers to adapt to the new changes, with popular Ultimate Team leaker FUT Sheriff suggesting that there might potentially be a new way to make coins at the beginning of the year.

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