Destiny 2 downtime and maintenance for all major regions (February 27 to 28) 

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is launching in a day, and Bungie has decided to take down their servers before launching a bunch of new content with Lightfall. The company has decided to hold maintenance across all platforms for 24 hours, all to ensure smooth sails during the weekly reset on February 28.

As per the server time, players are scheduled to be kicked out of any activity starting at 9 am PST, on February 27, which is the day before the weekly reset. This downtime will carry on for a whole day until 9 am PST, February 28, when Lightfall is supposed to launch.

Due to this, the final week of Season 19 has provided six days for everyone to wrap up seasonal content. The following article lists the downtime in all major regions, which will help everyone calculate the time until Destiny 2 Lightfall comes out.

Destiny 2 server maintenance and downtime details: When does Lightfall come out? (February 27 to 28)

Destiny 2 Lightfall is scheduled to release on February 28, at 9 am PST, which is the usual weekly reset time. However, with the recent implementation of pre-loads on PlayStation consoles, players may need to wait an extra day or re-install the game to wrap up any final tasks.

With such a huge expansion at stake, Bungie wants to make no mistake during the launch.

you know the annual expansion hype is real when the game hits a new seasonal peak player count in the last two days of the season (Steam)—Seraph Day 1 Peak: 122,279—New Peak: 128,692

The following time lists the server downtime for all major regions until Destiny 2 Lightfall launches:

  • India: 10:30 pm (February 27) to 10:30 pm (February 28)
  • China: 1 am (February 27) to 1 am (February 28)
  • UK: 6 pm (February 27) to 6 pm (February 28)
  • Australia: 3 am (February 27) to 3 am (February 28)
  • Brazil: 2 pm (February 27) to 2 pm (February 28)

As mentioned above, servers will remain offline for an entire day. Third-party applications that are tied to Destiny API will stay down as well, including Destiny Tracker,,, Destiny Companion App, DIM (Destiny Item Manager), and Bungie’s official website.

Pre-loads will be available sometime after the servers go off, which will be on February 27. The pre-installation sizes on all platforms are as follows:

  • PlayStation 5: Install Size: 102.6 GB, and Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 102.6 GB.
  • Xbox Series X|S: Install Size: 108.59 GB, and Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 108.59 GB.
  • PlayStation 4: Install Size: 88.21 GB, and Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 184.64 GB.
  • Xbox One: Install Size: 89.21 GB, and Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 89.21 GB.
  • Steam: Install Size: 102.60 GB, and Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 233.2 GB.
  • Epic Games Store: Install Size: 101.51 GB, and Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 223.3 GB.
  • Microsoft Store: Install Size: 102.13 GB, and Storage Space Needed for Pre-Load: 102.13 GB.

Bungie recently addressed an issue where PlayStation players received their pre-installation files earlier than scheduled. Although installing Lightfall files will lock everyone out of the game until its release, this can be resolved through re-installation.

UPCOMING DESTINY 2 MAINTENANCE ❖ Update TIMELINE ❖ February 27 ❖ Start: 8 AM PST (-8 UTC) ❖ Player Removal: 8:45 AM ❖ Log in: February 28, 9 AM ❖ End: 10 AM More info:…

The Destiny 2 community can also expect a lengthy blog post on Bungie’s official website, detailing all of the changes made in the Y6 expansion.

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