“Damn!”: Anthony Davis is bewildered after finding out he was in 5th grade during LeBron James’ 2005 season

Entering his 21st season, LA Lakers superstar forward LeBron James is officially the oldest player in the NBA. James is set to turn 39 in December and has been playing in the league since before some players were born. James’ career also dates back to when his co-star, Anthony Davis, was a middle schooler.

Following LA’s 129-126 preseason win over Brooklyn in Las Vegas on Monday, James spoke about how he’s been playing basketball in the city since 2005. He then joked with Davis that he was probably in the third grade back then:

“I’ve been here for quite a long time playing ball, probably since ’05,” James said.

“Where were you in ’05, were you in like the third grade or something like that?”

Davis then corrected James by pointing out that he was probably in the fifth or sixth grade in 2005 before reacting surprised:

“Fifth grade, fifth or sixth grade. Damn!” Davis said.

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LeBron James on his preparations for Year 21

LA Lakers superstar forward LeBron James
LA Lakers superstar forward LeBron James

As for how LeBron James is still operating at such a high level entering Year 21, he spoke about it during LA Lakers media day last week. According to James, he prioritizes his mental health first and then allows his physical conditioning to follow:

“I think it all starts with the mind, obviously,’’ James told Spectrum SportsNet.

“You know, the mind controls everything. I think being able to keep my mind fresh just … allows my body to kind of follow after that. Then I’m able to continue to step into the gym and continue to prepare myself for another season. I felt like I had a heck of a summer.”

James’ fitness regimen appears to be paying off and then some as he is coming off his 19th All-NBA selection. That is already four more than any other player in NBA history. So, if it is possible for him to maintain his pace from last season, James should have a decent chance to become the first-ever 20-time All-NBA member.


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