Controversial former WWE Superstar who allegedly filmed people in washrooms visited the performance center multiple times – Reports

In one of the most shocking developments of the day, it has been reported that Velveteen Dream has been spotted at the WWE performance center numerous times, including last night.

The 28-year-old was a part of the promotion for nearly six years during which he was a prominent member of NXT. While he is a talented performer, Dream’s career outside the squared circle has been riddled with controversies, which has led many to believe that he has no future in the industry.

WWE insider BWE reported that Velveteen Dream has been going through therapy and has progressed well over the last few months. It was also noted that the star also visited the company’s performance center in Orlando multiple times and was even present there last night.

Former WWE star EC3 accused Velveteen Dream of recording people in washrooms

Velveteen Dream has been involved in numerous controversies over the years, which have effectively put an end to his wrestling career. The former NXT North American Champion was accused by EC3 of recording people in washroom when he was at the latter’s party.

“We had a party and it was at my place, and he came over because I’m being friendly and I’m top guy and I tried to welcome everybody into the thing. He left his phone in my bathroom with the camera on trying to capture people taking pi**es, so there….How did I know? Because it’s my bathroom. When I walk in there and I see a phone selfie-style, propped up, on, filming, where if somebody is going to take a pee, they would have their phallus out urinating into the water”

However, Dream denied all accusations in his response to the former WWE star. The duo had a short back-and-forth on social media where they threw around accusations. Other than the infamous incident, Dream was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. He was also arrested for battery and trespassing six days prior to this incident.

Velveteen Dream recently shared a new look. Click here to check it out.

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