Chainsaw Man chapter 119: What to expect

Chainsaw Man Chapter 119: What to expect (Image via MAPPA Studios)
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Considering the way the previous issue ended, fans are anxious about the upcoming official release of Chainsaw Man chapter 119. The previous installment saw Denji’s date idea for an all-night movie marathon being rejected by Asa in favor of going to his house to watch VCRs there, as it’s less expensive.

However, Denji warned her that if she doesn’t follow his home’s rules, there’s a chance that she may die. Thus, fans are theorizing if Chainsaw Man chapter 119 will reveal that Nayuta’s Control Devil powers have been manifesting in the form of the house rules she enacts on Denji and all others who enter.

While unconfirmed, fans expect this to be the primary focus of the upcoming issue. However, alternate options are also being put forth for what fans may see upon Denji and Asa’s arrival at the former’s home.

Chainsaw Man chapter 119 likely to reintroduce Nayuta while setting up her powers as Control Devil

Chainsaw Man chapter 119 will likely begin with Denji and Asa arriving at Denji’s home, as the latter will be introduced to Nayuta. While fans are certainly excited to see these house rules and exactly how Nayuta’s Control Devil powers are manifesting through them, it’s unlikely that Fujimoto will show this to the fans in the upcoming issue.

Instead, fans might see Asa following all of Denji’s instructions in following the house rules. Nayuta will also be uninvolved in this process, present but not necessarily a part of showing Asa how to follow all of the rules she is presumably responsible for setting in place.

Chainsaw Man chapter 119 might then see Denji and Asa setting up to begin their movie marathon, possibly even requisitioning a room in the apartment from Nayuta. However, it’s possible that this is how fans will first see Nayuta’s Control Devil powers manifesting, with her attempting to prevent Denji and Asa from interrupting her activities.

At the same time, a more likely situation is that Nayuta will comply or even possibly join the two for their movie marathon. In either case, fans might see Asa get up to do or get something on her own, without Denji’s instructions, and accidentally break a house rule. This will likely be one of the final scenes in the issue, assuming it’s a standard page length that will set up the premise for the next issue.

Moreover, there is also a possibility that mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto will extend the page count for the upcoming chapter. With this being the highly-anticipated part 2 debut of Nayuta and the series’ return from a one-week break, it would make sense for Fujimoto to celebrate the occasion with an extended issue.

In this case, fans will likely see some sort of conversation or confrontation between either Asa and Nayuta or Yoru and Nayuta. In case the former scenario takes place, Nayuta could possibly separate Yoru from Asa as the Famine Devil had done a few issues ago. This may lead to Nayuta grilling Asa on why she’s hanging out with Denji, possibly even identifying her as the War Devil.


Likewise, a conversation between Nayuta and Yoru in Chainsaw Man chapter 119 will see Nayuta reveal Denji as the true Chainsaw Man. This is likely to occur if Yoru correctly identifies Nayuta as the Control Devil’s reincarnation, possibly even setting up a scenario where Yoru rats herself out to gain another ally.

The issue might end shortly after that, possibly with the last development being a focus on Haruka Iseumi. With the latter having been seen spying on the two at the end of chapter 118, it’s likely that he’ll follow them to Denji’s apartment. With him being knowledgeable of what Asa’s powers are, this could lead to some extremely exciting developments.

However, this is all purely speculative, with no verifiable spoiler information for Chainsaw Man chapter 119 being available as of this article’s writing.

Be sure to keep up with all Chainsaw Man anime and manga news, as well as general anime, manga, film, and live-action news as 2023 progresses.

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