Atrioc revealed he helped take down 200,000 listings of deep fakes as part of apology for controversy

Atrioc gives a six month update since he set up a fund to help take down deep fakes following scandal (Image via Atrioc/YouTube)
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Brandon “Atrioc” has recently uploaded another update video about his ongoing mission of taking down explicit deep fakes from the internet. The process began following the controversy surrounding the incident on a stream earlier this year. Since then, he had set up a fund of about $100K to help female Twitch streamers and other content creators to take down their deep fakes from the internet through legal means.

In a previous update video from a couple of months ago, Atrioc announced that he had found an online service called Ceartes which apparently allows people to issue DMCA takedowns for a fraction of the cost. The team has been working closely with women who want to take their deep fakes and other non-consensual content from the internet, and the video serves as an update for the community.

The YouTuber reveals that Ceartes has removed more than 200,000 instances of deep fakes from the internet with the help of Atrioc’s fund. That number is double what he had promised in his initial apology:

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“We hit a pretty big milestone. Which is this- 200,000 delistings. Which is double the initial goal.”

The AI tool Atrioc used to help women take down their deep fakes may have saved around eight million USD worth of legal fees


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For those who need a refresher, back in January of this year, Atrioc had mistakenly shown a website while streaming that was selling non-consensual p*nographic materials such as deep fakes of Twitch streamers and popular YouTubers. The incident caused a lot of controversy, with Brandon profusely apologizing for his mistake on social media.

Furthermore, he set up a fund to help get such vile content taken down, as issuing DMCA takedowns was not easy and required a lot of energy and resources. He himself tried to take down the content from the website he had seen, spending a lot of money in the process.

However, Atrico did find a tool called Ceartas, which is an AI-powered DMCA takedown software that radically reduces the time and cost of taking down deep fakes. Not only is it way faster, it also saves enormous amounts of money. In fact, the YouTuber showed stats that claim Ceartas took down 200K listings with his $100K. And that it would have cost around eight million to do it the traditional way:

“And if you look at this column, these are all the women that signed up with Ceartas, obviously names hidden. But this column is the estimated cost if they had used traditional legal takedown methods. And that adds up to 8.66 million across all the people that have signed up for an investment of under 100K to get that much taken down.”

Obviously, if the figures are correct, the AI has done a brilliant job. However, even Atrioc advised caution when it comes to believing the numbers,

“Again that’s their number, take it with a grain of salt but it is ballpark based on what I saw. We paid for the law firm in February and March, so pretty cool.”

Fan reactions

Fans praised Atrioc for helping the women in such a way, considering he had helped take down around 200K listings of such content:

Fans praised the creator for his work (Image via Atrioc/YouTube)
Fans praised the creator for his work (Image via Atrioc/YouTube)

Here’s a deep dive into the original controversy that rocked the streaming community back in January with a more concrete definition of what a deep fake is.

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