Are Atlanta Braves the best hitting team in MLB? NL East champions’ latest milestone evaluated

Atlanta Braves
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The Atlanta Braves were swept at home by the Miami Marlins but, even in a losing effort, the league’s best team kept achieving records never seen before in the MLB.

Marcell Ozuna homered in a blowout loss for the Atlanta Braves in Miami. The Marlins piled on the runs as they took a 16-2 victory in the last game of the series. Ozuna’s 391 feet shot to left field in a 2-run eighth innings was the only shining light for the Braves, who seemed to have taken it easy a bit after clinching the NL East for six years in a row.

The Dominican hit his 35th home run of the season, which is part of the 82 RBIs from his 128 hits this season. His middle order presence in the lineup has given some much needed impetus to the lineup if the 1-2-3 have failed to get going.

With Ozuna’s home run, Atlanta now have four players with more than 35 home runs this season. They are the first team ever in the history of the league to achieve this distinction.

Matt Olson leads the Home Runs figures with 52 followed by Ronald Acuna Jr. (37), Austin Riley (36) and now Marcell Ozuna who has 35 to his name. All the four batters are within the top 10 of the Home Runs charts.

Atlanta Braves offensive comparison to previous teams

The Braves are undoubtedly on a roll this season. With a total of 288 home runs, they currently are joint third on the list of teams with most dingers in a season. The Astros went yard 288 times in 2019 and only follow the 2019 Yankees (306) and the 2019 Minnesota Twins (307) on that list.

Indeed, 2019 seemed to be the perfect year for hitting home runs and to have a team like the Braves match the quality of those teams, makes it even more special. The 288 home runs have also contributed to the 96 wins in the process.

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