Angela Lee shares one way people can have a more positive outlook on life: “It will help to boost your mood”

At the height of her professional mixed martial arts career, former ONE women’s atomweight MMA world champion ‘Unstoppable’ Angela Lee was one of the greatest female fighters in the world, pound-for-pound.

But now recently retired, Lee is a champion of a different cause.

Lee has chosen to serve as a beacon of light for people dealing with depression and suicide by establishing her non-profit organization, FightStory.

A survivor of her own suicide attempt, Lee shares some tips she has learned throughout the years to help her keep her mind in a positive outlook.

‘Unstoppable’ said on a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani:

“Another thing that really helps – it’s proven – is to get out of your house and you know be with nature, go for a walk, go to the beach, go take a hike, something like that. I mean, I know it’s not for everyone, but it is proven that just feeling the sun or taking a walk through a forest, it will help to boost your mood.”

Lee recently revealed that her highly publicized 2017 car crash was actually a suicide attempt, and that she was lucky enough to survive it. She stresses the importance of taking a step back and tells people they need to do what’s necessary to improve mental health.

Lee added:

“Sometimes life can get crazy and busy and overwhelming and just taking a few minutes for me, it’s cherishing these small moments and sometimes if life is moving so fast they can often get overlooked. But if you can appreciate and kind of celebrate these small moments of happiness, I feel like just being more mindful of that, you can then also just boost your mood and that will help with your mental health.”

See the full interview below:


Lee officially announced her retirement from MMA a couple of weeks ago at ONE Fight Night 14 in Singapore.

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